Sona can be contacted for individual Sessions.

sona-2„Whatever feeling or perception I am able to integrate in my being, also the frightening ones, whatever I recognize in myself I can recognize in another person also. In understanding myself I am instantly able to understand the same in another person.
My learning in life is related to the reservoir of wisdom that Osho has transmitted to us. At an early age I was given the chance to unlearn the explanations and indoctrinations of a sick society and plunge into new visions of a different human existence. The path towards trust, gratitude and centeredness has not been an easy one.“ (Sona)

The reason to consider an individual Session can be any: the inability to find a solution for a complicated, burdensome situation, the hesitation to express oneself and communicate where it would be necessary, the fear of failure, feeling inadequate or unworthy, burn-out and stress in a job, a difficult relationship, the loss of a partner, being labelled as „depressed“, a sudden outburst of a disease, like cancer for instance and many more.

Often just the decision to ask for help and the willingness to expose and describe the problem creates the energy for a breakthrough. But big changes only occur when the conscious mind together with deeper layers of the person are ready for it.

Sona is working with verbal exploration, bodywork or touch. Besides German she speaks English and Russian. If you speak Estonian only, please take a friend with you to translate.