Until a few years ago a Being was among us who made every possible effort to explain the sayings of those unique souls who went to the very depth of our human-ness.
Osho`s spontaneous talks in English and Hindi have been recorded in more than 600 books and many of those have been translated in various languages. His insights into the workings of the human heart and human ego far surpasses any partial psychological knowledge. Osho has devised many new meditation techniques and used traditional eastern methods as well as modern therapeutic approaches to create awareness in his disciples. Osho left his body in 1990.
The immensity of his contribution to the world of consciousness will reveal itself only in the times to come.


Towards the end of his life he spoke extensively on enlightened Zen Masters and said: „To me, Zen is the only authentic religiousness. It has nothing to do with Buddhism, it has nothing to do with Taoism. In fact, it is a rebellion against the traditions of Buddhism and of Taoism. But it has carried the essential message of Buddha. It has discarded all that was mere commentary. It has cut all rubbish out of the way. It is the very essence of Buddha`s experience – and that is also the experience of Lao Tzu, of Tao. Zen is the only authentic gold that has come out of the whole past of humanity.“

But how to recognize the gold?
We carry innumerable layers of wrong ideas within ourselves and don`t even know about them: religious ideas, social and political ideas, ideas about what a decent person should be, about right or wrong – and all of them come from either the past, from times of serfdom and the repression of Christian belief, or from clever contemporary manipulation via fear and greed in the Media. We are full, overfull of unconscious beliefs. And as long as these ideas guide our life we cannot see what is in front of our eyes, cannot see the many gifts that life is presenting to us.
That is why Zen Masters and many other spiritual teachers and masters talk so much about emptiness. We have to throw out all these ideas to allow the creation of an empty space inside of ourselves – only then can the Divine enter.
That is why Osho`s methods for beginners are so extreme, so cathartic – and ultimately healing.

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